Beers will be judged in the following 32 competition categories. The style categories have been chosen to reflect beer styles commonly found in the Asian marketplace. Complete competition style guidelines can be found External link opens in new tab or windowHERE

*Full list of sub categories below

External link opens in new tab or windowClick on image to download full Beerstyle Guidelines


Additional Categories: Breweries entering 4 or more beers will automatically qualify for the "Champion Brewery of Asia" as well as the "Country Champion Brewery" competitions


Champion Brewpub of Asia*

Awarded to the brewpub with the 4 highest placing beers

*70% of brewery production must be sold/consumed on the premises to qualify as a brewpub (please see 3. Definition below)

Country Champion Brewery

Awarded to one brewery from each competing nation with the 4 highest placing beers

Please see below for a full description of competition beer styles accepted for each Category - each beer entered will be judged according to it's beer style Sub Category. Style Guidelines can be found after the category list.